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Auction House

Month-long auctions are held twice a year — featuring rare items supplied by authors and their publishers! View a list of future auction items here.

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Want to give a few dollars and be a part of our mission — or be a part of the magic by donating items to the Auction House? Or do both!

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Our Mission

In 2011, writer Shawn Speakman was diagnosed with cancer. He did not have health insurance due to a preexisting condition and accrued a massive medical debt — one he eliminated by publishing Unfettered, a SF&F short story anthology featuring many of today's best authors.

Grim Oak Shield has been created to help those in similar need. The non-profit charity foundation raises money to alleviate debilitating medical debt for like authors and artists.

On January 1, 2018, Grim Oak Shield will begin its mission with anthology sales, rare auction items, and donations.

We hope you will join us in battling author and artist medical debt.



The contributing writers and artists of Unfettered, Unfettered II, and the forthcoming Unfettered III support Grim Oak Shield and their peers. Honor them in return by purchasing a novel they recommend — with 100% of proceeds going toward our mission!