About Us


Our Vision

To eliminate as much medical debt we can for the authors and artists who entertain us. To give them financial peace of mind during their hardest of times. That is our purpose for being here. Grim Oak Shield is networking, experience, and passion — all to help those in need.

Our Story

When authors came to writer Shawn Speakman’s aid with Unfettered, he knew he would one day pay that help forward. Grim Oak Shield is the non-profit vehicle to make that happen.

Meet the Grim Oak Shield Team

The hearts of the people at Grim Oak Shield drive our mission of helping authors and artists during the hardest of times. Meet our team below and learn more about them!

Shawn Speakman

Founder & CEO

Cancer survivor — he who is paying it forward.

Jeff Lawson


Overseeing all financial aspects of book sales and fulfillment of orders.

Rachelle McGhee


Responsible for fostering communication with grant recipients.

You Can Help Right Now!

You can make an immediate impact for those authors and artists who need our help the most — by visiting the Store and buying books and merchandise!

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