New Auction: Rare The Sword of Shannara Proof

by Shawn Speakman February 08, 2018 0 Comments

New Auction: Rare The Sword of Shannara Proof

When Grim Oak Press produces, publishes, and ships a new limited edition, there are a lot of steps in the process that most people are wholly unaware of. Sure, artwork must be commissioned and signature pages must be signed, but there are several steps with the printer that are just as important.

One of those steps is the proof stage. Once Grim Oak Press sends in the finished book files to the printer, Thomson Shore produces a single proof edition of the book, one that we can go over one last time and make sure everything is correct. Once we sign off on the proof, the book is entered into the six-eight week printing queue and the book eventually gets printed and shipped to us.

Up for eBay auction today is the proof copy of The Sword of Shannara limited edition. It is the rarest copy of the book that Grim Oak Press has produced. Terry Brooks has signed the book, making it even more desirable.

As you can see, this is not a bound book. The pages are loose, ready to be bound if you so wish. Here are some photos:



All proceeds from this particular auction are going to a fan of Terry Brooks that we have known for a very long time. Sean Shepard was recently diagnosed with a 2 inch Squamous Cell Carcinoma in his tongue that has spread to two of his neck lymph nodes. He has begun the arduous trek of battling back. It will not be easy. Or cheap. He and his wife Sarah have put together a funding page. You can read more of his story here.

To support him in his battle, Terry and I both felt donating The Sword of Shannara proof might help raise much needed funds for the Shepards.

And that's where you come in! The auction for the proof is now live. It will last for ten days. All proceeds from the auction will be donated directly to Sean's funding page. You can help make a difference in this man's life as he fights for it. Bid high and bid often!

Good luck to you all! And thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you only share this auction, it will help!

Best Wishes,

Shawn Speakman

President, Grim Oak Shield

Shawn Speakman
Shawn Speakman


Shawn Speakman is the author of The Dark Thorn and editor of the Unfettered anthology series. When he isn't lying for a living, he maintains the web presences for Terry Brooks and Naomi Novik, runs The Signed Page and Grim Oak Press, and writes for Unbound Worlds. Follow him on Facebook and @shawnspeakman.


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