About Us


To eliminate author and artist medical debt. To give them financial peace of mind during their hardest of times. That is our purpose for being here. Grim Oak Shield is networking, experience, and passion — all to help those in need. 


When authors came to writer Shawn Speakman's aid with Unfettered, he knew one day pay he would pay it forward. Grim Oak Shield is the non-profit vehicle to make that happen and start giving back!


The artist and author community is a tight-knit family. We help each other, we support each other. We understand that doing what you love and making a living doing it can be difficult even when healthy. With the introduction of Grim Oak Shield, now authors and artists can breathe a little easier knowing an organization is there to help during times of need.

Meet The Team

Shawn Speakman

Jeff Lawson

Rachelle Longe McGhee


Support your favorite writers by buying the Unfettered anthologies and keeping them safe from medical debt!