Applying For A Grant

If you are an author or artist who needs assistance from debilitating medical debt, applying for a grant from Grim Oak Press is as easy as the instructions below.  You will need to gather information to help us understand your predicament and make a proper decision about if and how much shall be granted.  Please remember that any application that is missing information will not be reviewed fully and will be disqualified from receiving any grant money.

step-by-step Instructions

  1. Review the Guidelines and Eligibility Requirements to understand if you are a fit.
  2. Gather all information outlined below:
  3. Obtain signed copies of the past 3 years of IRS tax return(s) for the household.
  4. Obtain copies of current medical expenses, doctor and hospital bills
  5. Produce a letter detailing the reasons and need of financial assistance.
  6. Include a current resume citing skills, historical work, affiliations, and references
  7. Include examples of past and current works.
  8. Fill out the application form.
  9. As a package, send all information gathered in above steps to Grim Oak Press (include a self addressed and prepaid envelop if you wish for us to return the information after review).:

Grim Oak Press 

Attn: Grant Reviewers

PO BOX 1945 

Battle Ground, WA 98604


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